In our view there is a right way, and a wrong way to approach this unprecedented situation.   Unfortunately, the media are choosing the wrong way, instilling fear and panic amongst the world's population.   We have set up this resource centre and facebook group to pool the skills, talents and input from our friends and colleagues, so that we can all benefit in a positive way. If we can help just one person, one family, our collective efforts will be worthwhile.   Look at the figures on the right - do you see only deaths, or do you focus on the number of recovered cases? Focus on the recoveries, and your mind will start to block out the media rubbish.   We would like to help you too…and we would love your input. Let's turn adversity into opportunity, and fear or uncertainty into positivity.

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Sanitize your Shopping – Operation StaySafe 2020

Do you need to sanitize groceries, clean packets, tins and more before…

Breathing Exercises In COVID-19 Situation

Here is an excellent video from the NHS about breathing exercises. It’s…

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robo callers

How To Prevent Scams From Robo Calling in 2020

Robo-calling involves machines that randomly phone individuals Once answered, the robot is…

Dig For Victory in 2020

Are you looking for a rich lifestyle? But you don’t have sources…

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