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About Us

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. We can assure you that your visit will be extremely worthwhile in terms of information, assistance and resources.

Check us out to see if there is something that you may not have thought of or information that you can glean to help you and your family to get through this period in our history

Our Story (in brief)

I (Trevor) was brought up in an orphanage from the age of 18 months. Got kicked out of there to fend for myself at 16, got a variety of jobs, before travelling around and settling in Scotland (don't ask me why - it seemed a good idea at the time). Served in both Strathclyde & Essex police. Became a Sergeant, qualified to Inspector, left after 12 years to run my own business in promotional sportswear.

I (Karen) had a variety of jobs after leaving school, as most of us did before I settled on a career as an air stewardess with British Airways. I loved every minute of it. After a few years, I was lucky enough to get chosen as Miss Silver Wing (the 'face' of BA) and travelled the world representing the airline. Eventually, I became a trainer for the new cabin crew.

After 12 years, I became grounded with 5 kids.

After 10 years of working at the sportswear business night and day, the business ground to a halt in the recession in the 90s. We gave everything back to the bank, the leasing company, the mortgage company, and left with about £1500 in our bank account, an old car, and nowhere to live. We managed to find an old asbestos-lined 2 bedroom shack in the middle of a 400-acre forest in Hampshire UK and moved in - Trevor and me, 5 kids, 2 dogs and a budgie.

(Trevor) We weren't unemployed as such - we were unemployable. We sure as heck did not want to work for someone else, and we knew that conventional business wasn't the way to go either. So I dug gardens and Karen cleaned houses, just to get food on the table.

After a conversation with a friend, we decided to learn MLM (network marketing). It seemed like a good idea - the opportunities didn't cost a lot to start up, and there was no limit to what we could earn. So we jumped in, working night and day to survive.

I remember our first commission payment after a month of hard slog. It was 69p...but we kept going because we had nothing to go back to.

We became successful in several companies, eventually semi-retired from a UK telecoms company as one of their top couples, with 25,000 + distributors & 130,000+ customers. We still avidly promote this fabulous opportunity.

Also, we formed a UK Eco-friendly company called Wikaniko (We Can Eco) which became profitable in its 3rd year even though we were in the middle of the worst recession the world has known. We ran it for 10 years, before retiring in order to concentrate more on my passion for helping others. Our daughter Kate and her husband Drew now run it - and they do it very well.

On a personal level, we enjoy helping people to make a better life for themselves, as a way of paying it forward for everything that life has given us.


The goal of this website is very simple to understand. We will provide you with information that you won't find anywhere else in one place, in order for you to get ahead, in your desire to provide for yourself and the people you care about. All we would ask in return is that you are ethical and honest in your endeavours - and when you eventually make it, you too will 'pay it forward'.

Along the way, if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Trevor and Karen Blake