Air Hockey is a virtual interpretation of a classic real-life game. All the thrills and chills of real hockey but you get to keep your teeth and there is no ice needed.  Instead of a stick, skates, and body pads, you'll be armed with but a single striker which you will use to strike the puck. Hit it hard to replicate a slapshot, try and rebound it off of the arena walls, get sneaky and slow it down. It's up to you to psych out your opponent, defend their shots and outscore them in a race to the top. Best of five wins and it'll be a hard-earned victory. The only thing missing from this version of hockey is blood on the ice, body checking, and broken limbs but you won't even miss them as you strike the puck over a cushion of pillowy air and score a hattrick to win the series!

Use your mouse to move the striker back and forth and block shots on net or fire off your own slap shots to win the game!