Amazing Courses and Amazing Prices – Learn Something New in 2020

Want to Learn Something New? Here you can read about amazing courses and amazing prices that are affordable for you guys.

Would you like to learn something new whilst under house arrest? It is an ideal opportunity to gain more knowledge, or perhaps even start a new online adventure!

The challenge with that is that the internet is full of so-called gurus peddling their ‘free’ webinars, courses, programs, and software. Invariably they are American (with their different way of doing things) and you usually end up getting asked to pay through the nose for information that you can find on the internet if you had time to research it.

We have great news for you…

We have been selling online courses for some time now, and they are quite popular. It starts with the purchase of a basic course, and if you like what you have learned, you can take it further by purchasing an upgrade to get the full-blown course.

Here’s what we have done, for the period of imposed house arrest:

Amazing Courses and Amazing Prices

Purchase the standard course for just 99p.

Yes, 99p – that’s an enormous discount on what we usually offer them for, and it is just for you.

Then if you want to take that learning further, the video upgrade course is just £19.99

You get an instant download and can take everything at your pace.

That’s a little better than sitting through a 2-hour webinar, and getting whooped up to buy into what someone offers at $500 or even $1000 only to find that it is a load of rubbish and you cant get your money back, isn’t it?

Amazing Courses and Amazing Prices

Amazing Courses and Amazing Prices

Find out how to do digital marketing for seniors. Get the facts on living gluten-free, or on a vegan diet. Uncover Instagram marketing secrets, or unravel youtube in a language you can understand – and much more more. We are adding to these courses regularly.

Let’s use this time to progress ourselves, learn something different or gain the knowledge to try a new adventure for 99p. It’s our gift to you.

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By the way – you won’t find any reviews on these courses, because we have listed them at the new price just for you (in case you wondered 🙂 )
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