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Cannabis Research 

I hear a lot of people saying – yeah, but cannabis isn’t tried and tested. How do I know it is safe, and so on. 

Actually, there is a huge amount of research on the subject, covering all sorts of topics, including studies on whether cannabis affects the brain, cannabis and psychosis, cannabis with pregnancy etc. 

So there is no need for you to take a layman’s word for it – now you can do a whole heap of research yourself. 


The first port of call is PubMed. This website has over 18,500 articles relating to cannabis and its use. Simply search ‘cannabis’ then drill down to the specific item that you want. It is as easy as that. 

Some of them are actually written in a language that we all understand! 

Here’s the link: 


The next place to look is our collection of over 700 articles, that we are using and have used. It is in downloadable pdf format for you to read offline.


Now there is no reason for anyone to say they don’t have enough information on the subject, is there?
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