4 Jigsaw puzzles to enjoy

Here are some jigsaw puzzles for you to while away a little time, and forget about anything else just for an hour or so. Have a go! (The rose one is the most difficult) When you enter the site, you…
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Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a virtual interpretation of a classic real-life game. All the thrills and chills of real hockey but you get to keep your teeth and there is no ice needed.  Instead of a stick, skates, and body pads, you'll be armed with but a single striker which you will use to strike the puck. Hit it hard to replicate a slapshot, try and rebound it off of the arena walls, get sneaky and slow it down. It's up to you to psych out your opponent, defend their shots and outscore them in a race to the top. Best of five wins and it'll be a hard-earned victory. The only thing missing from this version of hockey is blood on the ice, body checking, and broken limbs but you won't even miss them as you strike the puck over a cushion of pillowy air and score a hattrick to win the series!

Use your mouse to move the striker back and forth and block shots on net or fire off your own slap shots to win the game!

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Dropdown Jewel Blast

Dropdown Jewel Blast is a simple puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours! Check out this block blaster game where your goal is to blast the jewel-coloured blocks before it hits the top of the screen. Swipe the blocks left and right until they drop down and blast other blocks out of the screen by creating a single line of blocks. Every time you swipe, new blocks will be added from the bottom of the puzzle as it climbs up the screen making it more of a challenge. However, your objective is to blast the blocks and keep them from hitting the top of the screen. Click on the leaderboard icon to view your score and see where you stand against other block blasters. At the end of each game, you will see your most recent and best score. Play again until you beat your best score and watch as you rise up the leaderboards beating out all of your friends. This is a mobile-friendly game that you can play on either your mobile device or your computer!


To play this puzzle game, swipe the blocks either left or right to cause them to drop down through any slots below. Create a single line of blocks to cause them to explode.

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The Millionaire Quiz

Have a go to see if you can climb the ladder to being a millionaire in this FREE game!

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The Fire of London Game

Here is a really good educational interactive game that you can do with the kids to keep them entertained, and informed. See how you get on with it! And I bet you learn a lot from it too… CLICK HERE…
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Songs From The 1980’s

Take a look at this image. See how many song titles you can come up with, that are depicted on here. I will start you off. There are three ghostly figures walking through the town. That’s Ghost Town by the…
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Spooky or What…

Take a look at this image. Now, focus on the red dot on the nose. Stare at the red dot on the nose for 20 – 30 seconds. Then look up at a blank wall. You won’t believe your eyes….…
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27 Famous Expressions

Below is the image that contains 27 Famous Expression of phrases and exclamations, many of which are particularly common in English. These expressions are mainly used in spoken English 27 Famous Expressions On this image, you can find 27 famous…
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75 hidden bands. Can you name them?

In this Picture 7 hidden bands. Can you name them? This is your brain test. This scene contains visual interpretations of 75 well-known band names (well, 75 counting the background). How many can you name? 75 hidden bands Hidden in…
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Scavenger Hunt Ideas 2020

This list of adult-oriented scavenger hunt idea is perfect for your next social gathering or office team-building. Scavenger Hunt ideas Some great Hunt ideas to keep children at home busy, whether you have little ones of your own or grandchildren.…
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