Dig For Victory in 2020

Are you looking for a rich lifestyle? But you don’t have sources to maintain that lifestyle. You wanna know about how to dig for victory?  It is interesting how a crisis such as the one we find ourselves in brings us together and makes us realize that we live in a world where everything is on hand, making us lazy. We can reach for our phones and in a couple of clicks can order takeaways delivered to our home, or do our shopping online (in normal times!).

Dig For Victory

If we want any info, it is at our fingertips at the click of a mouse button, and any of the millions of products that we may need will be delivered within 24 hours from amazon in a heartbeat without us having to drive to the shops, park, walk around the various stores and browse their offerings, only to come away empty-handed.

Imagine then, what it was like decades ago when foodstuffs were rationed. You would have to eke out your meager rations and make what you could out of them.

In 1939, at the start of World War 2, there were about 46 million people in Britain. The majority of vegetables were not imported from overseas. Indeed there wasn’t any large scale vegetable rationing during the entire war. Rationing was only on foods like butter, meat, and eggs. Supplies of other food ingredients such as bananas and oranges were of course hugely disrupted. 

In 2020 a shocking 85% of our vegetables are imported from the EU for a UK population that is almost 50% greater than that of 1939!

Here’s an interesting reminder of those times:

In those days, families had to keep chickens for eggs, pigs, etc., to make their food go further. They also had to grow the basics such as potatoes, onions, carrots, etc. At that time food imports were reduced drastically, as the British population grew their own, and dug for victory. For them, even a homegrown cauliflower was a luxury to look forward to!

As an aside, Bill Neale, one of our Australian facebook members, has told us that you can’t get live chickens for love nor money these days as everyone is getting back to being self-sufficient. so it is happening.

Dig For Victory

Dig For Victory – Dig For Victory Dig For Victory

ISol if we are going to be short of 85% of our veg throughout 2020, we are looking at a serious fresh veg problem. I have a feeling that we are going to start seeing more people ‘growing their own’ and keeping chickens again, just like they used to. And what could be healthier than being out in the fresh air, getting some exercise, and eating foodstuffs that are not covered in pesticides?

The Uk’s largest veg imports are onions and potatoes – there may be shortages of these this summer and the prices will rise. However, unlike toilet rolls both of these crops can be sown here throughout April, then harvested from early summer through until early Autumn. Both crops are really easy to grow. Simply sow them and then walk away.

We hope you enjoy the gardening blog with tips and ideas. We are not going into what to plant every week, or jobs to do. All we are going to do is provide you with some really basic info on growing, etyc., and cover stuff that you probably won’t find anywhere else in one place.


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