Does CBD Oil Help Coronavirus? Operation StaySafe 2020

On the surface, this is a big question. However, when you understand what CBD oil is, and Does CBD Oil Help Coronavirus? you can decide for yourself whether or not it may help prevent or protect you from this awful virus. I am an associate for CTFO, an American CBD network marketing company. I don’t promote the opportunity – I simply became an Associate because I wanted some of their products at a discount. That’s called being smart 🙂

CBD Oil Help Coronavirus

Let’s boil this down into very simple language. After all, there is a ton of information available on the internet about this stuff, and you have spare time now to do the research if you are that interested. Basically, CBD oil boosts the immune system in a natural way, working with the body.

The type that is on sale legally does not get you high, under any circumstances. The ingredient that causes the high is called THC, and legal CBD oil doesn’t contain much if any of it. So you could swallow a whole bottle and it won’t affect you that way.

so if you want a boost to your immune system, with all the other health benefits that CBD oil provides, then get some. Far better than addictive prescription drugs!


My Story

Let me explain.

Like many others, I am in constant severe pain due to several back operations, referred pain my hip, a hernia, and arthritis. I am in so much pain that I have been prescribed Gabapentin, a controlled drug. The doctor told me to take one three times a day, building it up slowly, then after a couple of months to stop taking them for a month, so that I don’t become totally addicted, and like a zombie.

(If you check the link to Gabapentin, it says that one of the side effects is getting a viral infection!) Then take a look at the other side effects…horrific.

I then went to see a specialist. I informed him that the tablets were having little effect. So he told me to INCREASE the dose massively, to three tablets three times a day.

They would cause enough side effects with just the initial dose being taken!

So I sought more natural remedies, and a couple of years ago I came across cannabis.

In truth, I researched it thoroughly, and practically too. At the time we were living in Spain where I could get hold of cannabis in all forms. I also found a couple who grew cannabis for medical reasons, and they created a business out of supplying cannabis products at fairs and shows around the country. The products included CBD oil both for taking internally and topically for skin complaints and various creams for different ailments. I learned a lot from these guys and eventually grew my own cannabis plants from seed in our underbuild.


CBD Oil Help Coronavirus – CBD Oil Help Coronavirus – CBD Oil Help Coronavirus

The one thing I didn’t do was to smoke it. To me, that was a no-no. Apart from damaging the lungs, as all smoking does, it is what gives you the ‘high’.

I grew the plants, and before the flowers were produced I cut the plants down and froze the leaves to use in smoothies. You cannot get high from the raw leaves. I also took CBD oil with a slightly illegal amount of THC in it, and this all helped to reduce the pain considerably.

Back in the UK, I can no longer grow it, etc. But I take it on a regular basis to keep my immune system boosted and to be in good health. It no longer does much for my pain. I think I would need a lorry load every day to have any effect on that! But it is part of my daily routine, and I wouldn’t ever stop taking it.

Every individual is different. The use of cannabis has been known to cure cancers, stop serious epilepsy, and control diseases such as Parkinson’s. Some use it to stave off dementia too.

Can it prevent coronavirus or aid in recovery? I have absolutely no idea, as there won’t be any studies done on it. The pharmaceutical companies can’t make money out of cannabis whereas they can make billions from selling mind-altering drugs, and vaccines. All I can do is offer the legal CBD oil that you can obtain in the UK at a reasonable price.

CLICK HERE to read an article which explains that Cannabis is being tested against COVID-19


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