Feed Your Family During The Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

So here are our top tips on how to feed your family during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic situation.

By Nana (Karen)

Perhaps the current situation that we are facing in this country has woken a lot of people up, and we are all looking for ways to use our food wisely and change the way we cook for our family. This can be a good thing.

I don‛t mean that it is a good thing for families that are facing hardships due to redundancies, job losses, business closures, etc. Far from it. What I mean is that for so many years, we have (including me) become used to the ‘throw-away‛ mentality.

Even the food we buy is squandered – it is estimated that a third of all food purchases are thrown away! That‛s a lot of money being wasted.

Feed Your Family During The Coronavirus Pandemic

So the change in the world we live in ensures that people like you and I become less wasteful. We begin to pay attention to the leftovers, and start to make better use of the food that is available to us.

This creates a powerful effect, where the ripples spread worldwide. Let me explain. Instead of throwing away the old chicken carcass as you would normally have done, you decide to make a hearty soup (including using some vegetables that were leftover too)

So you eat the soup, whereas you would have normally bought a ready to cook pizza. Instant savings are made – both on the cost of the pizza, and the packaging that would have been thrown into a landfill along with perhaps a carrier bag that it came in too.

Feed Your Family During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Feed Your Family During The Coronavirus Pandemic

You then see that you have saved money, and the family enjoyed the soup immensely. Notwithstanding that, you have got some vegetables inside them too!

Now, follow that ripple throughout the whole country. The amount of food being thrown away is dramatically reduced. The amount of money being wasted is cut down, and the amount of packaging that goes into landfills diminishes massively.

Also, the amount of fast food that goes into the nation‛s stomachs will reduce drastically.

So this can‛t be a bad thing.

The only challenge with helping everyone to get back to eating properly is the fact that many of the basic cooking skills have gone out of the window! This is mainly due, I feel, to the modern lifestyle. There is little time to cook as our mothers and grandmothers did – probably because they didn‛t have to work!

However, now that we are forced to stay at home due to the lockdown, this is a great time to help reduce the strain on the family budget, by cooking healthily, cheaply, and wisely.

To this end, I have prepared a lot fo my recipes for you, with a fantastic array of meals, and where you use leftovers from previous meals.

You will find that no meal ever seems the same, so the family does not get bored. You will also find that rather than taking up your time, you actually cut down on the work, by preparing the basic ingredients. Furthermore, you will cut down on your spending. Over a period of a month, you will find that this is a HUGE reduction in your weekly shopping bill!

So take a look. Give the recipes a try. Print them out and stick them on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door. Work out your shopping list and get the ingredients etc. in that you need. Then let‛s get down to some real fun cooking!

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