There’s a War on…Time to Grow your Own, Urgently in 2020

Yes – there’s a War on…Time to Grow your Own, Urgently

I am about to make a prediction.

A really serious prediction.

Soon, there will be panic buying of vegetables and fruit. The reason is that there is about to be an extreme shortage.

The coronavirus pandemic will have knock-on effects with supplies of all things.

Amongst that, will be a shortage of fruit and vegetables.

All over the world, particularly in Europe, the growers have stopped growing. There is no point in them growing foodstuffs, as there is nobody available to pick them.

CLICK HERE to see, for example, the recent article in the Telegraph about a lack of farmworkers to pick fruit and veg

Furthermore, the supply routes have all stopped and it will take a long while for them to get going again – because they will need the growers the time to start growing again.

On top of that, we have Brexit, where nothing has been decided about the supply of fruit and veg from the EU. After all, according to gro-intelligence, we import almost 80% of our fruit and veg from Europe…so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that all in all, we are in for the perfect storm.

And you simply have to take action, immediately or there will be tears.

We are 90,000 pickers short – CLICK HERE to read the article from the Guardian.

Grow Your Own

So you need to get smart and get ahead of the curve. Start growing your own foodstuffs.

Grow your own

Therein lies another problem.

If you try and get seeds etc., all of the seed suppliers have run out of stuff, because there has been panic buying. Others have realised that there will be a shortage, and growing foodstuffs isn’t instant.

Also, try going online to buy growing compost etc. – if you can get some, there is at least a 2 – 4 week wait.

The best place to get your seeds, onions, potatoes, etc. is eBay. Yes, prices are going up, but there is still stuff available.

So, my suggestion is that if you want to prevent tears later on, get going NOW. Today.

Find an area of the garden where you can grow things. It doesn’t have to be a big area. If you haven’t got a garden, then a balcony or patio is good enough. Get some pots, use containers, anything that you can grow things in. If you are lucky, get some grow bags, potato planters – anything, and get growing.

You don’t need a lot – 2 potato plants, a dozen onions, some lettuce, carrots, runner beans, etc.

We have even got cress growing on windowsills to add to the salads, and you can do some sprouting seeds and herbs like that too.

My prediction is that the lack of greens etc. is going to be severe. Really severe.

As an aside, you may have thought of getting some hens for eggs. Unfortunately, everyone has beaten you to that. You cannot get hens for love nor money – and people are even stealing other people’s hens!

Get started, Grow Your Own Food

You may not think you are green-fingered. However, the blogs on our site will help you get started, and there are loads of youTube videos on planting, sewing, harvesting. Just start with something that you like, and go from there. In a week or two, you simply won’t have that option, and you will be standing in a long queue at the supermarket, actually risking your life to get some vegetables, when you could be digging them up from your own garden (pesticide and chemical-free too).

Grow your own

There’s another positive to growing your own as any gardener will tell you.

You get out in the fresh air, and you get exercise. It is so good for the mind and body! I am reminded of a poem by Dorothy Frances Gurney that my foster parents used to relay when I was young. I am not religious at all, but it has always stayed in my mind:

“The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer to God in a garden than anywhere else on earth”

If you are already growing, grow some more – feed your elderly neighbours who are unable to dig their gardens or buy food from the supermarket.

As for my prediction – don’t say I never told you…get it going today. Before it is too late to start, or get anything.

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Robert Marshall

3 months ago

Some garden centres, although closed to the public, will deal with you, either on a delivery basis or phone order and collect, by appointment. Also, if you have veg, that can be regrown, from the part you usually waste, worth googling. Celery springs to mind.