How To Get £1000 – or £500, or £250…

Great. You have come this far in the course.

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Now let’s find out how you could win yourself a whole heap of money, just for getting a better, more secure future for yourself.

The competition began on June 12th 2020 and runs until December 31st 2020

First prize £1000

Second prize £500

Third prize £250

Here’s all you have to do:

Start your working from/at home venture.

Make at least £100 consistently for a period of 3 months, with proof. A good way to prove that is by using the MidasBooks system, described in the course. (The more income you make, the better your chance of winning a prize).

Write a report stating the venture, with a summary of:

The reason you started your money making venture:

How you set it up;

How you get your customers;

How it is taking shape

It is as simple as that! The more detailed your report, the higher your chance of winning.

We will only pay out the prizes to the people we consider have became the most creative, done the best, worked the hardest, and achieved the most.

Terms and conditions

We will not include or assess:


Any affiliate program

Any gambling program

Any trading program, i.e., Forex, Binary options etc.

We will assess and include:

Any home business venture that began AFTER 1st June 2020 (any venture started before that does not count).

Any legal, ethical, bona-fide self employed venture, started as a result of doing this course.

Ok – that’s it – go for it!
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