Operation StaySafe – How to Protect Yourself 2020

It isn’t really practical for us to go round in a full chemical suit in order to try and protect ourselves, is it? I will tell you how to protect yourself.

However, there are some things that we can do to reduce the chance of picking up the virus and spreading it around. Again, it is probably like teaching grandma to suck eggs, but there might be a couple of things that you may have overlooked.

Whenever we get an inkling of a cold or cough, we use Vicks First Defence.

(There are a lot of similar products on the market, such as Dual Defence by Boots Chemist).

How to Protect Yourself

Basically you puff it up to your nasal passages, and it is pretty effective – so it could stop the virus going into your body too. My guess is that it will be hard to find, but google ‘Vicks First Defence’ it to see if you can get some online. It is about £6 a bottle, but it has saved us from many a cold.

Operation StaySafe - How to Protect Yourself

Operation StaySafe – How to Protect Yourself

Obviously, if you are buying it, get some for your partner as well – don’t use the same bottle!

TIP: If you think you are going to go into a situation where there are likely to be others close by, squirt it up to your nose as a preventative.

Next, buy some disposable rubber gloves. It really doesn’t matter how silly you think it is – it is better than gasping for breath in a hospital ward. Put them on before you go into a situation where other people are nearby, or you are helping someone. Then to take them off, simply pull them off inside out to keep any germs inside them.

We will shortly have some available in the shop on this site.

Do face masks work?

Yes and no.

You can get proper face masks – the kind used in industrial/clinical/ pharmaceutical situations, and you can get disposable face masks.

Operation StaySafe - How to Protect Yourself

Operation StaySafe – How to Protect Yourself

It is simple to understand what you need

FFP3 and FFP2 masks are ideal for those who are not yet ill, or health care professionals taking precautions to not catch coronavirus (COVID-19) when working or being near those who may carry symptoms.

Surgical masks are recommended to those who are more likely to contract the disease, or already have the infection to avoid spreading it further.

So in a nutshell, you wear FFP2 and FFP3 masks to protect yourself, and the disposable type to protect others.

Got it now?

Again – don’t worry if you think you will look silly. It could be far worse than affecting your vanity…

Obviously, the last thing that we need to touch upon is handwashing. It is a little amusing – what on earth did everyone do before the news of the virus came out? Didn’t they wash their hands at all? Clearly not, judging by the way they are buying hand sanitizer like there is no tomorrow.

All I can suggest is that you buy some ordinary soap! There are loads of it available online, on eBay, etc. Wright’s Coal Tar soap is a particularly good soap to go for (in my view).

As for hand sanitizer – make your own! It is pretty easy, and you are going to need it for many months to come yet, so it is a really cheap way of getting it, rather than being ripped off by unscrupulous sellers.

All you need is:

Isopropyl alcohol (eBay)

Aloe Vera gel (eBay)

Tea tree oil (eBay)

Mix 3 parts isopropyl alcohol to 1 part aloe vera gel. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to give it a pleasant scent.

Here is a great video that explains it better than I can:

The last thing that we don’t really need to touch upon is the disinfecting of work surfaces, etc. We all know about this – but it often gets overlooked, or hastily done in our hectic lives. Please let’s all do it a bit more thoroughly for other’s sake, taking care to wipe handles on doors, drawers, and cupboards, etc., as a matter of routine.

That’s it for this session, we hope it helps in some way. If we can just save one untimely death or stop someone from getting the virus, it will have been worthwhile.

If you have any tips or supply any of these items at reasonable prices, please add your comments below.

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