Operation StaySafe – Next Door and Cozi 2020

In these current times, it is important to stay isolated as much as possible. Operation StaySafe – Next Door and Cozi is very important.

However, this in itself causes many problems – mental, social, and economic. This is especially true if you don’t see people from one day to the next. But we all need that contact, reassurance, and on occasion assistance.

There is a great website called NextDoor that allows you to keep in contact with your local community. You get to know your neighbors. You find out what is going on around you. There are lots of people offering help and assistance, and there are loads of local tradespeople – window cleaners gardeners, electricians, plumbers, etc. that you would never find out about normally. The great thing is they come with recommendations from your neighbors, so you immediately know how good they are.

Looking at my Next Door this morning, for example, our local window cleaner is going into self-isolation, so we know he won’t be around for a while. Someone reported seeing a lone hen walking across the road (there is a joke there somewhere!) and a dog was seen wandering around.

I am happy to say that the owners of both were reunited.

More disturbing – a farmer (we live in a very rural area) reported his sheep being attacked by dogs. So he asked us all to remain vigilant. And the local police regularly pop on there with updates about what was happening, and if there was anything to look out for.

The great news is that it is FREE, forever. Check it out

Operation StaySafe – Next Door and COZI – a brilliant app

Operation StaySafe - Next Door and Cozi

Operation StaySafe – Next Door and Cozi

Our family use this app all the time

Cozi is a To-Do list, a shopping list, a contacts list, a recipe list, etc. Whilst there is nothing special about that, here is the brilliant part.

The whole family can share the information on there. Let me explain

Karen’s parents are both in their 90’s. We have bought them a tablet to do simple things to keep them amused whilst under house arrest, and have installed Cozi on there.

One of the things that we have to do is to get their shopping for them. So they simply enter anything that they need on their ‘Ted and Doris’ shopping list, and we all get that immediately on our devices. Then,w we simply go and get their shopping (if there is anything in the shops).

The other good part is the calendar. When you are a family with elderly relatives, and grandchildren, your time is in demand – as you may well know. So if Karen puts her hair appointment on there, or her parents put their hospital visits on there, the whole thing runs like clockwork, with everyone knowing when others are busy, or what they need to do to help a family member!

One of the things that I like on there is the recipe facility and meal planner. I have a Cozi chrome extension on my pc, and if I come across a recipe I like, I simply click on it to add it to my recipe section in Cozi.

It can be a tremendous help at any time – even if you just use it for yourself. (you can keep any lists etc. that you want privately, and only share the family stuff).

Give it a go!

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