Operation StaySafe – What Are You Really Taking Away 2020

I love takeaway meals, especially Indian meals. The smell of those spices is just too much sometimes. But nowadays Coronavirus spread terror, so, please cooperate Operation StaySafe.

However, after the Coronavirus started to spread, it set off alarm bells, so I decided to research it further. And I was horrified by what I have found.

After all, if the virus is spread by people touching surfaces, not washing their hands, etc., how can you be sure that the person preparing your food is following the strict hygiene standards?

Let’s side aside from the Coronvirus debate, and just think about this.

There is a killer bug, called norovirus, which kills a quarter of a million people a year worldwide, and overloads hospital wards, etc., causing many to be shut down for a time in an effort to eradicate the bug. Schools, residential homes, etc. are rife for this illness.


Operation StaySafe – Operation StaySafe

As an example, a secondary school in Bradford was shut down in 2019 for a deep clean after more than 15 percent of its pupils and staff were struck down. and there are numerous incidents such as this on a weekly basis.

So why is this not widely reported?

I remember in particular our son Miles catching the norovirus bug. It was absolutely dreadful, and I hope I never get it. I have had food poisoning before, but this bug is on a whole new level. It is also contagious.

With norovirus being passed on through contact, Dr. Daniel Atkinson, advises people to avoid close contact with other people who are sick.

Dr. Atkinson, Clinical Lead at Treated.com, says: “Norovirus can be passed on through being in close proximity to others too, so try and be as vigilant as you can when out in public places too, or at things like school events.

Now here is something you may not know. The Food Standards Agency estimates that there are almost two and a half million cases of food poisoning per year, with the rise in takeaway food delivery services accounting for a large number of those cases. Companies like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats, etc. are taking hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue, and the demand for takeaway food is insatiable.

Operation StaySafe

Operation StaySafe

However, the way that these meals are being prepared can be horrifying. With all the cutbacks, there are simply not enough food inspectors to police the industry. As a result, so-called ‘dark kitchens’ have sprung up everywhere, in dirty basements, back rooms, and even shipping containers. Many of these employ cash in had workers, many from Asia and Eastern Europe, who don’t have the training for food safety and hygiene, let alone any actual facilities to wash their hands, or their equipment.

Operation StaySafe

Operation StaySafe

Who is preparing your takeaway food?

Imagine your next meal being cooked in a shipping container, in the hot weather, with no sanitation, and rats running about…

For example, have you ever wondered about some of the roadside food trailers that are dotted around the countryside, and how they are able to go to the toilet during the day? Yes, they probably pop behind a hedge…

So our advice is – do not succumb to getting a takeaway just for convenience. You don’t want to expose yourself to the possibility of food poisoning. You really don’t want to get hit with the norovirus, and you sure as heck do not want this latest disease!

It is easy to whip up some delicious meals, even for a person who cant cook. And if you are self-isolating, what better time to start to learn how to cook!

Check out the article in the Daily Mail for further information

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