Paying it Forward in 2020

We have been very fortunate in our lives, (with the odd bump in the road), and we are paying it forward in 2020 to help others out in this crisis

When we were really struggling, someone gave us a helping hand. This has enabled us to obtain what we want in life. We are not wealthy by any means, but we never have to worry financially.

We will be eternally grateful to the certain someone, who will only be known as C.W. As a result, we feel it is now our time to pay it forward, by helping people in our local community.

We live in a rural area, where farmworkers/pickers have lost their jobs, and elderly people live in isolated places, never seeing anyone in the outside world, scraping by on meagre pensions. So now is the perfect time to pay it forward, as a thank you for C.W.’s kindness, and incredible generosity.

When we thought about it, we normally spend quite a bit of money on the odd takeaway, a meal out, a trip to the cinema or theatre, a day out, and the odd spending spree in the shopping centre, along with little luxuries in our food shopping. Over the month, this adds up to a tidy sum – notwithstanding the fuel used on non-essential trips. So we can use that money to do some good for someone less fortunate living nearby.

We can also get lots of stuff that others can’t seem to get – things like paracetamol, loo rolls, tablets, disposable gloves, eggs, veg, etc.

We are not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you that now is the time to really look around, and see if there is someone that you can help even in a small way. A simple act of kindness can go a long way, lift someone’s depression, see them through a tough week, or help them to understand that there are people who really care.

paying it forward in 2020

See what you can do – and leave a comment below as to how else we can all help others, by paying it forward too. After all, many of us have a lot to be grateful for don’t we?

Here’s how we are helping, to give you some ideas:

Morrison’s are doing food boxes for £35 over and above their online deliveries etc. You can get to the special web page by CLICKING HERE

So we are buying one or two a week, and getting them delivered straight to a needy person or family.

Pub takeaways

There is a local pub called The Butchers Arms where the landlady, Julie, is cooking takeaway meals and delivering them to the local area. So we are putting money ‘behind’ the bar’ so to speak, in order for her to give some free meals out to the elderly and infirm people that she knows, to cheer them up for a day and get some nutrition inside them.

We are fortunate to have shopping deliveries as a regular customer, so we will order extra tins of food to give to people that need them.

We also setup and ran an eco company for many years, before retiring and handing everything to our daughter and son in law. Luckily, we can still get discounts on products like loo rolls, handwash, etc. that we can give to people who need them locally.

And as a result of our online marketing and product sourcing over the years, we know companies that have supplies of paracetamol, disposable gloves and other necessities. So when we think about it, there is so much that we can do to help others as a way of paying it forward in 2020.

paying it forward in 2020

Whilst I appreciate that we are more fortunate than others who are reading this, there is still something that we can all do, less than what we do, perhaps more than what we can do – but we all need to do something. Even if it is growing vegetables and salads to give away to your neighbours, or popping some hot food round to them.

Let us know what you are doing (to give us more ideas) or what you can do to help others as a way of paying it forward in 2020 by leaving a comment below
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