Thermomix Cooking Review 2020

By Grumpy (Trevor)

Using a Thermomix Cooking is a fantastic way of anyone to cook who thinks they can’t. This brilliant machine can be seen in most professional kitchens. Indeed, look out for them on programs like Masterchef!

I originally got one when we were living in Spain, and Karen was flying back and forth to the UK re the grandchildren, and to look after her parents, both in their 90’s.

I couldn’t cook for toffee. However, when I was given a demo of a Thermomix, I was immediately sold. All I had to do then was convince Karen that it was worth spending over a grand to get one!

I needed to make my own meals, instead of living on frozen pizza until she got back. My previous attempts at cooking were laughable, although I was extremely proficient at baking bread and cakes for some reason.

I think Karen realized I had to do something to keep myself alive and nutritionally balanced. so I bought a Thermomix TM5 (an upgrade to the TM31) and started to use it.

The reason that it is so easy to use is that you simply call up a recipe on the screen. The machine then tells you what ingredients you need. It has scales for you to weigh the exact amount out, then it tells you what order to put them in, and how long to cook it for, and at the exact temperature.

Soon, I was starting to become more adventurous. I was mixing and kneading my dough for bread in it. I did boiled eggs on a Sunday in it, made pizzas, cakes, soups, etc. And things like mayonnaise and Hollandaise sauce was a breeze.

That’s a good point to raise. In professional kitchens, the chef can task anyone to make the various sauces, and he/she knows that the sauce would be perfect every time, no matter who did it. And far more besides.

Karen was visibly impressed! She loved my soups. She was bowled over by my steamed salmon in the sauce dish and knocked out when I served up mushroom stroganoff, of restaurant quality. And the curry with rice was to die for.

I, on the other hand, love to make lunch for her if she has had a busy morning, or dinner in the evening so that she could put her feet up.

I said in a previous blog that Karen was the best home cook that I know. When she cooks, the kitchen looks like a battleground with used pots, dishes, etc. strewn everywhere. The meals are fantastic, but oh, the washing up after….with the Thermomix, I have just ONE thing to wash up – the mixing bowl (and a spatula). So we can sit down, relax and enjoy the meal, then when it is finished I merely put the Thermomix in the dishwasher.

Thermomix Cooking

Thermomix Cooking

Thermomix Cooking with steaming facility

A Thermomix may be too expensive for lots of people. However, there are some good secondhand ones to be found on eBay. Look out for Thermomix TM5.

The machine was such a boon in the kitchen that I bought another one for our UK home. Then recently we sold up in Spain (just in the nick of time before global lockdown) and moved back to the UK. So I sold one on eBay for just under £600, and I am about to list the Spanish one on there.

The reason? The all singing all dancing Thermomix TM6 has just come out with extra facilities and 50,000 recipes…

Take a look at this demonstration of the machine that I now have.


If you cant cook, there is no better way of making nutritionally balanced, delicious meals for yourself and your family.

I must fly – I am off to make some spiced Moroccan lentil soup, with homemade crusty bread…and a few more brownie points!

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