Why You Really Should Take Vitamin D Urgently

URGENT – Take Vitamin D!!!

Watch this video by a common sense English medical professional, Dr John Campbell, who spells it our very clearly:

2400 years ago, Socrates said: … “We must use our common sense instead of listening to the rhetoric of leaders”. This is so apt when it comes to reducing the potentially devastating effects of this current virus.

There are countless scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of Vitamin D for immune strength and specifically fighting viruses. So Vitamin D can protect against respiratory infections, plus dementia, cognitive decline and much more. And we simply do not get enough of it on a daily basis due to our British weather!

Studies have now been carried out that show Vitamin D is likely to reduce the serious effects of the coronavirus. In fact, the evidence is becoming overwhelming. Apparently, this vital vitamin can reduce the effects of Coronavirus by up to 70% – so why on earth wouldn’t anyone to take this cheap vitamin.

CHECK OUT exactly how Vitamin D helps your lungs, on this article by Dr John Campbell. You will be delighted that you have discovered al of this information. It could literally save your life or the life of someone you care about.

It is interesting to note that in 2009, doctors were prescribing Vitamin D to patients during the H1N1 flu epidemic. When you research Vitamin D, you will clearly understand why. And personally, I take Vitamin D every day, for pennies, because I want to do everything in my power to reduce the chances of lying in hospital gasping for breath on a ventilator, and instead would like to recover sitting in the garden at home with my family in the sunshine. There’s no contest, is there?

CLICK HERE to read the article from scientists who state that Vitamin D supplements reduce the effects of COVID-19

Now there’s a point. Why on earth don’t the pharmaceutical companies make more of this? I think that is easy to understand. They cannot make a profit from Vitamin D for under £10 – but they can make huge profits from a vaccine, costing possibly hundreds of pounds per dose.

Why let on that the vitamin could reduce the effects of this illness dramatically? I think that is also easy to understand. If we are ill and being pumped full of drugs and vaccines, we are a profit centre for as long as we are ill, and the worse we are, the more profits there are. Call me cynical, but a patient cured is a customer lost by the pharmaceutical industry!

As I was writing this, I came across an article in the Spectator. Have a look:

Click Here to read the SPECTATOR article

As we all know, the sun provides this necessary, vital vitamin. They say that 10 – 15 mins a day in the sunshine is good for you, but in our climate and with our lifestyles that can be very hit and miss.

Getting enough vitamin D is also critical for warding off bone diseases, such as rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults, and osteoporosis in the elderly.

NOTE: You cannot actually buy Vitamin D. The most common form is Vitamin D3, available in tablet or capsule form.

This is the one we take – a powerful 5,000iu daily does is all it needs for you to get more than enough Vitamin D

Check out this article and 4-minute video from JoAnn Manson, MD.

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PS …and finally, here is an article by NHS Glasgow, urging everyone to take more Vitamin D. At last, they are starting to see sense! We too would urge you to get worse today – there has been a surge in the purchase of this vital vitamin, and the longer this virus goes on for, the less likely you are to be able to buy it.

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