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The K1 Impulse Phone

The K1 Impulse Smartphone. Welcome to Military Grade Encryption, Privacy and Security. You need a K1 Impulse, voice-over blockchain, […]

Gold ATMs (CEMs)

Let me introduce you to the Karatbars ATM’s . They are known as CEM’s – Cashgold Exchange Machines. Here’s […]


K-Merchant is quite simple to understand. It is a gobsmackingly simple way for someone to pay for products or […]

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Work at Home Ground Rules

When you are working from or at home, there are many distractions, and many reasons to skive off for […]

Our Best Seller – FREE

Many years ago, we wrote a book, and a tape cassette course (do you remember cassettes?) called ‘A Breath […]

Pyramid Selling Explained

Every time I hear the statement ‘”it’s pyramid selling” I smile to myself. Now that we are experienced MLMers, […]

6 Beebies

Here is a true story, the details of which you need to put into practice in order to introduce […]

The Monkey Trap

Have you heard of ‘The Monkey Trap’? Are you in it yourself? Download our free report. It may help […]


Have you heard of Kaizen? It is a fascinating method of continual self-improvement, both personally and in business. We […]

Wanna Da Pepper?

Luigi and Giovanni decide to open up a cosy little Bistro. Luigi is going to do the cooking, and […]

Mindshift Mentoring

It’s all about perception. Our view on the world determines how you see and live your life whether you […]

How To Handle Objections

Objection, M’Lud…… I think the reason that many people don’t like to present their chosen opportunity to others is […]

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