The World-beating K1 Impulse Smartphone

Not since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone has such a giant leap being taken in the communications world. On the 30th of March 2019 around seven hundred people from all over the world gathered together in Dubai for the release of the K1 Impulse Phone!

Watch the amazing promotional video to see it’s amazing features.

The phones come in three editions: Carbon, Gold and Army! These were initially presented at the event in a wonderful production. Tens of thousands of phones have already been pre-ordered, and delivery is now being rolled out.

The K1 Impulse Phone With Cryptodata

First of all, we need to look at the reasoning behind the phone! In 2019 theft and misuse of personal data is the biggest issue facing many people around the world and so the K1 Impulse phone is the solution.

Firstly the K1 works just like a normal smartphone and can use both IOS and android. You can add your regular sim and use it as a normal phone. It will have familiar apps plus new ones unique to the K1 and you will be able to use wifi anywhere as you do now.  Where it gets more interesting is that the K1 can also use satellites meaning that it can be used anywhere in the world from the highest mountain to the most remote desert.

K1 Impulse Phone With Cryptodata

Using blockchain technology all information including calls and streaming of video is protected with military grade software and end to end encryption. The K1 will bring completely connectivity to everyone on earth for the first time.

Below you can see that the specifications include:

GSM, HSPA, EVDO, LTE Network Technology, 5.5 Inch display, ips, lcd capactive, touchscreen with 16m colours, cryptodata operating system, octacore cpu, 128gb memory, 3400mah battery, 5.0 bluetooth, nfc, qualcomm snapdragon 835, adrendo 540 gpu, 8gb ram, 12mp back and 5mp front cameras, 802.11 a,b,d,n,ac comms, wlan, glonass gps and with finger print sensors, facial id and gyro!

All in all an impressive spec list for any phone!

That’s before we mention the amazing private key which can be removed and kept separately from the phone. This key can hold all your personal data including your cryptocurrency wallet! A wallet that will be able to store all cryptocurrencies.

K1 Impulse Phone With Cryptodata

The K1 Impulse Phone With Cryptodata

In terms of innovation, the K1 Impulse phone is introducing many first to the market and will take telecommunications to a whole new level.

You can use your phone as your own private personal bank, you will be able to talk to anyone in complete privacy, you will be able to use the K1 anywhere on earth at any time and the phone comes with its own integrated payment system known as K-Merchant 

K1 Impulse Phone With Cryptodata

The K1 Impulse Phone With Cryptodata

The cost of the K1 will be comparable to the iPhone or latest Samsung so will not be restrictive for anyone to buy or use.  It will also use the companies in house cryptocurrency known as KBC /KCB.

The K1 Impulse team have created some fantastic offers on the K1 which means the company are actually paying users to have one! It is actually better than getting a free phone.

How to get a K1 with Free Cryptocurrency 

  1. Register HERE and go to product purchase where you will see a number of options.
  2. Order your phone for €1250 and receive €1250 of KCB coins!
  3. Order a phone for €1750 and receive €1750 of KCB coins!
  4. Order the phone for €2850 and get €2850 of KCB with a further 50% bonus in KCB coins!
  5. Order the phone for €4000 and get €4000 of KCB with 100% bonus!

Yes, that’s the K1 Impulse phone with €8000 of KCB coins. KCB has a fixed value of €0.14 and can be traded as soon as Karatbars own blockchain called Mainnet goes live in December 2019!

K1 Impulse phones can be paid for using credit, debit card or Bitcoin.

How to get the K1 Impulse Phone For FREE

The K1 Impulse team have come up with a further novel way to help you get the phone without spending anything.

The basic idea is that if you can sell 5 K1 Impulsive phones to people you know then yours is free! The plan is that this will help the phone spread among groups of friends.

Register for free, get your referral link and start promoting.

In order to find out more about this simply register free HERE

K1 Impulse Phone With Cryptodata

The future has arrived, it is here and it is now! If you have any questions about anything you have seen in this article fee free to contact me via the CONTACT PAGE

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