Growing Wool (Recycled material) for microgreens


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This recycled wool matting can be used instead of soil.  Therefore it is cleaner and easier to use.

It is matting made of wool/polypropylene and hessian fibres, to give increased water-holding.

It is comprised of naturally hygenic fibres, which are sterile following the high-temperature process during manufacturing

It is physically strong, and will not fall apart or disintegrate when used. The reason this is so good is that unlike soil, you can lift the mat with the microgreens to check the root system, or remove from the tray in one piece to cut the plants nearer to the roots.

Supplied in 1-metre lengths, and is easy to cut with scissors

Fibre Composition: Wool Rich Fibres
Nominal weight: 500g/m²
Nominal thickness: 5mm (+/- 0.5mm)
Roll dimensions: 1 metre wide
Water Holding DIN53923: 3.0 Litres/m² (indicative)
Suitable for overhead watering systems, hand watering and in conjunction with peat/compost.
Suitability: Propagation of microgreens, including pea shoots, micro leaf, micro herbs and baby leaf.

This is great for you to try out recycled Growwool instead of soil-based growing of microgreens.

It is ideal for use in hydroponic systems

If you want more than 1 metre, just add an extra quantity (i.e., if you want two metres, simply put ‘2’ in the quantity).



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