Lung Exerciser

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Lung Exerciser to keep lungs in excellent condition, which helps to fight off viruses etc.

Use on a regular basis, blowing into the machine, to push the balls up the tube, thus improving lung capacity.

Simple but extremely effective

Note: Some of the boxes were damaged in transit, but it does not affect the machine in any way.


lung exerciser

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At this time of crisis, you really need this lung exerciser to exercise your lungs. It is proven to help considerably, for the time when your breathing might be difficult due to the virus, or other lung conditions.

This exercise cleans your lungs by helping to dispel mucus. You will also find you will be able to take more exercise without becoming breathless so quickly.

As you will no doubt know, the deep breathing exercises are good for your stress levels too, helping you to relax and become calmer.

Easy to use, easy to clean.

Limited stocks due to the popularity of this product – get yours today

By the way – as sold at The Best Smart Mart for around £20

We would also suggest the famous Himalayan Salt Pipe for keeping your lungs in tip-top condition.


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