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Prostate Cancer: The Man Killer

Prostate health is one of the most important aspects of a man’s health. Prostate health is something that should be treated with a balanced diet your whole life. Prostate cancer is VERY serious and will kill you if not diagnosed early and treated. Prostate cancer is a condition where prostate cells grow exponentially and out of control. It is the most common cancer associated with men, and can lead to many complications, one rather large one being that you die. Since prostate cancer is one of the […]

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How to Fight Prostate Cancer

Over the past few years Prostate Cancer has been targeted by health authorities as the largest hidden killer of men over 45 years of age. Although there have been advances in education and general public awareness, men are still demonstrating reluctance to acknowledge the need for vigilance in their everyday lives. There are a number of ways that men can reassure themselves however. Here is a list of facts and suggestions collated from a number of sources that you should know about. One in every 6 men […]

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