25 Mental Health Wellness tips for Quarantine

This is from Jane Stevens, a paramedic in our facebook group Be Healthy Be Wealthy and is all about mental health wellness tips for quarantine. “A bit of a long read but it is worth it …….From a psychologist” After…
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Sanitize your Shopping – Operation StaySafe 2020

Do you need to sanitize groceries, clean packets, tins and more before you put away sanitize your shopping during the Coronavirus outbreak? Here is a great video by Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen, showing us just how important it is to sanitize…
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Breathing Exercises In COVID-19 Situation

Here is an excellent video from the NHS about breathing exercises. It’s worth a look – after all, it has been announced that there has been panic ordering by the public on prescription asthma inhaler refills – so people are…
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Operation StaySafe – How to Protect Yourself 2020

It isn’t really practical for us to go round in a full chemical suit in order to try and protect ourselves, is it? I will tell you how to protect yourself. However, there are some things that we can do…
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how to  hand wash thoroughly and completely.

How to Hand wash Thoroughly – Operation StaySafe 2020

The video is an extremely good demonstration re how to hand wash thoroughly and completely. Do you know about  The 3 Secrets of an Abundance Mindset Quite interesting! How to Hand wash Thoroughly
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Coronavirus – 12 Things you Touch

Coronavirus through 12 of the things you touch – I thought that we would go through some of the things that can spread the Coronavirus that you may not have thought about. Even more important – we suggest ways that…
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